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May 3, 2014 12:00am PDT
states just before obama's visit. malaysia, south korea, he hit all the right notes. it's not a pivot, but he said the united states is not going anywhere from these countries and he didn't offend the chinese. he made it important to say how close it was to work with the chinese. >> charlie: and had no ambition in trying to contain the chinese. >> yes, and obama is credible in saying he has no ambition to contain the chinese. so the fact you've both made the allies in the region happier and the chinese feel no reason to overrespond with their own saber rattling is about as much as he's done on this trip. >> charlie: why is a trade agreement important. >> when the trance pacific partnership was first announced the chinese response is this is containment, we don't want it, are opposed to it. now that it's going to happen, that it has heft and momentum, the chinese have changed their tune. what they're now saying is we need to study it very carefully, do we want to join? do we want to express our interest in eventual membership? the chinese understand if you're going to create tighter tr
May 1, 2014 6:00pm PDT
. malaysia airlines announced starting next week, it will no longer put them up in hotels. meanwhile, the country's government reported the plane disappeared from radar a full 17 minutes before ground controllers noticed. it was another four hours before the search began. a political storm swirled over northern ireland today as the leader of the irish nationalist sinn fein party was questioned for a second day in a 42-year- old murder case. we have a report from martin geissler of independent television news. >> the police in northern ireland use this station in antrim to question the most serious terror suspects, gerry adams spent last night and today in custody here. he agreed to be interviewed about the murder of jean mcconville, a widowed mother of ten who was kidnapped and killed by the ira. he gave this statement before questioning began. >> i-- totally of any part in the abduction, the killing of jean mcconville. >> mrs. mcconville was taken from her home in belfast by an armed i.r.a. gang in 1972. they suspected her of passing information to the british army. 30 years later h
Apr 28, 2014 6:00pm PDT
superstar michael jordan weighed in, saying: >> woodruff: from malaysia, president obama condemned the comments as "incredibly offensive." >> when ignorant folks want to advertise their ignorance, you don't really have to do anything, you just let them talk and that's what happened here. >> woodruff: and across the n.b.a., current players spoke out. miami heat forward lebron james: >> there's no room for that in our game. we've found a way to make this the greatest game in the world and for comments like that, it taints our game and we can't have that. >> woodruff: the clippers made their own visual statement, shedding their shirts to reveal inside-out warm-ups, hiding the team's logo, before sunday's playoff game with the golden state warriors. l.a. lost, 118-97. head coach doc rivers conceded the furor could have affected his club. >> you know like i said before the game, they're getting pulled in so many directions, so you know we have to figure how to pull them in one direction and then we'll be back in the series. >> woodruff: other teams organized their own silent protests, w
Apr 27, 2014 5:30pm PDT
them ever since. today while in malaysia, president obama urged international backing for additional sanks against the kremlin which the obama administration believes is supporting the separatists. >> so long as russia continues down the path of provocation rather than trying to resolve this issue peacefully and deescalating, there will be consequences and those consequences will continue to grow. >> during his talks in malaysia today, president obama urged malaysian leaders to respect human rights and the president chose not to meet with an opposition leader convicted on what they say was trumped up charges. they concluded the trip with a visit to the philippines tomorrow, there he's expected to announce a new ten-year security pact. the deal will allow for greater military presence in the country and there are increasing tensions between china and the philippines. elsewhere in asia, the prime minister of south korea has resigned accepting responsibility for what the critics say was the government's slow response to the ferry disaster. the death count is 147 and more than a hundred
Apr 26, 2014 5:30pm PDT
is in malaysia tonight, his third leg of his trip to asia. pe wrooped up a trip to asia with a warning to north korea. >> we will not hesitate to use our military might to defend our allies and way of life. our resolve only grows stronger in the face of aggression. our alliance does not waiver, it just gains the support of the rest of the world. >> in afghan today, five nto troops were killed when a british helicopter crashed. the chopper went down in kandahar city in the southern part of the country. an afghan official atibuted the crash to technical problems. the nationalities of the victims were not immediately released. the latest presidential election results out of afghanistan showed the foreign minister abdullah abdullah in the lead with 45%, followed by exworld bank economist with 31%. the two will compete in a runoff election six weeks from now. both candidates have said they will findsign a security pact w theted states. the agreement would put about 10,000 american troops in afghanistan beyond the end of this year. less than 24 hours after a tornado swept through north carolina, othe
Apr 26, 2014 1:30am PDT
, south korea, malaysia and philippines. take-home trophy was to be a big trade deal that didn't materialize. there was talk of sanctions, missile test and transportation disasters in two countries. much ballyhoo ed asia pivot doomed to suffer there? >> yes because it is a world and there will always be distractions. pivotama administration's to asia which was part of their iraq and get out of averages and all those always ments and has been bedeviled by distractions. at the ink you can look president's trip and see a step forward. number he finally -- one, he finally got there. >> there were other problems. of big question in the minds everybody in asia is not just is unitedot real but is the states strong and dynamic and big enough to make it count any more. why ukraine, ense even though it is the other side of the world, has a lot to do to asia.pivot those countries in asia are looking at ukraine and saying is united states and the west going to do anything to help the ukrainians. looking at night toe. does it matter to be a member of nato. of this was shoring up traditiona
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)